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How to Do Hydro Dipping Rims at Home

 How to Do Hydro Dipping Rims at Home With the hydro dipping development, more and more people begin to do hydro dipping business, or someone do hydro dipping at home firstly, which can test the hydro dipping easy or not. And one of the most popular hydro dipping items is car parts, especially for car rims. For now, I will show you how to do hydro dipping for rims in two ways: big-budget and a small budget. Preparation before rim hydrographic Big-budget: If you have enough budget for rim hydro dipping, I suggest you prepare these following hydro dip kits. 1. Hydro dip tank: Generally speaking, a   hydrographic tank has a heating system to heat the water, and keep it in a suitable temperature (28-35 degrees) for the hydro dip painting; washing system to clean the dirty of WTP film after dipping. 2. Oven: This oven machine is used for dry out the primer on the surface of the rim, if the rim with base-coat can be dried out in the oven, the primer will be fitted with the rim, so the hydrog

What Do You Think of Hydro Dipping Business ?

 What Do You Think of Hydro Dipping Business? Is it a good business for hydro dipping? If you contacted the hydro dipping on the internet, no matte hydro dipping video or hydro dipping article. I think your first reaction is what amazing hydro dipping is, it seems easy to do print the pattern on the items, small cost for these hydro dip business. Yes, it is.  Hydro dipping is good business. Hydro dip items Is it easy for Hydro dipping? The medium material is water to do hydro dipping. And the simple hydro dipping can be done just by three things: water, activator, hydrographic film. Actually, you can do hydro dip successfully on the ABS material (a kind of plastic material )by these three things.  Put the hydro dip film on the 28-35 degree water, and spray activator B on the hydrographic wtp film, then wait for a moment, hydro dipping the ABS items through the water. If you want to keep this beautiful pattern for a long time, no fade, so you can spray the gloss paint on the surface aft