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Fully Introduction of Hydro dipping

 What is Hydro dipping? Hydro dipping is a kind of printing technology, also called water transfer printing technology, can print the image on kinds of daily necessities, to decorate the products beautifully, so that we can enhance the value of these daily necessities. About the principle of hydro dipping, you can visit my blog: How Hydro Dipping Works I think you will say, we also have the printing technology, but why hydro dipping technology, what advantages of hydrographic painting. I will show you in the following article. Needs a big investment or not? Less budget for hydro dipping: Hydro dipping is a kind of customized printing technology, not only just factory can do hydro dipping for the big production of items, anyone can do DIY hydro dipping at home on a small budget, or small hydro dipping business.  The basic kits of hydro dipping are these:  the hydrographic film, activator, spray gun, primer, free water, and your hydro dipping kit such as a plastic cup. As I know, the hyd