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Why Hydro Dipping?

 Hydro dipping is also named water transfer printing, because you can print your daily necessaries via water, it is an amazing printing process. Put the hydrographic film on the water, spray activator, then put your item through the film on the water. Woo, your daily necessaries will become a higher value beautiful items like below: Daily necessaries hydro dipping The hydrographic film is sealed by sqm, and the preparation of hydrographic is very simple: water transfer printing film, water, activator.  It seems no much cost for this dipping, so hydro dipping industry attracts many people to do this business, with cheaper cost but high response rate. Hydro dipping can be used for almost all material in our life, contains almost all of the industry, I will show you typical dipped products here, you will find the hydro dipping is amazing, which decorates your life colorfully. Hydro Dip Cups:   I like this marble sky bottle, it is a happy pattern. These are basic necessaries for our life,

How to Choose a Suitable Size for Your Car?

When you want to purchase a vinyl wrap for your car body decoration, I think you must have questions as below: If you want to know more information about vinyl wrap, you may ask the car supplier about the following questions: The first question: What size of one roll car wrap? Actually, the common size of one roll vinyl wrap is 1.52*18m, or some vinyl wrap is 1.52*30m. After you get this information, you are worried about whether one roll car wrap can wrap your full car body or not. Then you may tell the car wrap supplier about your car model and ask this question: The second question:  Which size do I need to choose for my car? Then you get the answer, one roll is enough. Actually, You don't need to consider the size problem. Why? Firstly: If you always order online shop, you must know the big weight cost cheaper average shipping cost. That means two rolls of car wrap is cheaper than only one roll vinyl wrap according to the average cost. So, I suggest you order car wrap rolls fro

Why Does Hydro Dipping Get Popular?

  Hydro dipping is a unique process of applying printed designs or graphics on product surfaces. It is also known as hydro graphics, immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging,  and hydro imaging. Hydro dipping's popularity has skyrocketed to unimaginable heights over the years due to the amazing benefits it offers. The following are the major factors accounting for the popularity of hydro dipping:    ·          Hydro dipping is suitable for many materials.    Hydro dipping can be applied on almost any material you can think of. It can be used on metals, plastics, ceramics, hard woods, glass and many other materials.  Every material needs to match with a suitable oil primer, then dry out, do hydro dipping.   ·          Hydro dipping has a wide range of industry applications.   Hydro dripping has many applications in several industries. The most popular industry is the automotive industry. It can be used for motorcycle plastics, interior an