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How To Print Blank Hydrographic Film By Your Printer?

How To Print Blank Hydrographic Film By Your Printer? Hydro dipping gets more and more popular worldwide, people are not met for finished design hydrographic film, they want their own design hydrographic film and print by themselves. Fortunately, you can print your hydrographic film at home by yourself. I will share with you how to do it in the following steps. Firstly, you should prepare some objects:  1. The normal blank hydrographic film, inkjet printer with water-based pigment ink, and activator A.  2. Or eco-solvent printer with eco-solvent ink and special blank hydrographic film. You only need to prepare one solution for them. Secondly, you can connect your computer that has your design with your printer. Thirdly, print your design on the normal blank film by the inkjet printer. Or print your design on the special blank hydrographic film by the eco-solvent printer. Fourthly, Apply activator A on the normal blank film to protect the ink. For the special blank film printed by the e

What equipment do you need for hydro dipping?

What equipment do you need for hydro dipping? Hydro dipping is a good business for anyone, has the advantages of easy to operate, cheap cost, an attractive business model, and high profits. If you want to do a hydro dipping service factory, what equipment do you need? 1.Spray gun and a compressor Everyone who works on hydro dipping will know that spray gun and a compressor is important hydro dipping kit during the water transfer printing process. You need to pour off the liquid activator into the spray gun bottle, and then adjust the valve until spraying the soft even activator water fog, and the spray gun needs to equip with the compressor together. Function: Spray even activator on the water transfer printing film to dissolving the hydrographic film, then the ink design will expend on the water surface, you can dip the item through the film on water. This is the dipping video: 2. Hydro Dipping Tank As a key piece of equipment for hydro dip

How Hydro Dipping Works?

   How Hydro Dipping Works? Hydro dipping is to transfer the design on the surface by water transfer printing technology. What is water transfer technology? Water transfer technology is a magical technology that can completely print the design on 3D projects at one time. Water transfer printing technology is also called curved surface water coating technology. Its operation process is very simple. The water-soluble film printed with the pattern is applied to the water surface evenly, and the activator is sprayed evenly on it to convert the pattern on the film into the ink state, slowly put the items that need to be printed in it. Under the action of water pressure, the water-soluble film with strong tension can be easily wrapped on the surface of the object, and after a series of treatments such as drying, spraying gloss paint, and drying, you can get a beautiful "new design" project. Compared with traditional printing methods, water transfer printing technology does not requ

How to Print Your Custom Hydrographic Film

 How to Print Your Custom Hydrographic Film? As I know, Hydrographic films on the market are designed before selling, the all hydrographic film designs such as carbon fiber hydrographic film, wood grain hydrographic film, cartoon hydro dip film, camo hydro dipping film, tree water transfer printing film, flower hydrographic film, etc.  But, if I want a custom hydrographic film with my own design, what should I do? Unique is always attractive, if you work in a hydro dipping business, then no need to worry about the other competitors bringing your dipping business. Luckily! There are two solutions that can meet your requirement as below:  BOTH BIG PRODUCTION AND SMALL QUANTITY 1. EXCLUSIVE FILMS IN BIG PRODUCTION The exclusive film is the unique hydrographic film for one brand, this way is always used for some hydrographic dipping business retailer and then shown on the website for online shipping, and this design is only supplied from hydro dipping retailers,  marked by hydrograph