How Hydro Dipping Works?


 How Hydro Dipping Works?

Hydro dipping is to transfer the design on the surface by water transfer printing technology.

What is water transfer technology?

Water transfer technology is a magical technology that can completely print the design on 3D projects at one time.

Water transfer printing technology is also called curved surface water coating technology. Its operation process is very simple. The water-soluble film printed with the pattern is applied to the water surface evenly, and the activator is sprayed evenly on it to convert the pattern on the film into the ink state, slowly put the items that need to be printed in it.

Under the action of water pressure, the water-soluble film with strong tension can be easily wrapped on the surface of the object, and after a series of treatments such as drying, spraying gloss paint, and drying, you can get a beautiful "new design" project. Compared with traditional printing methods, water transfer printing technology does not require special professional equipment, is simple and efficient, so it has also set off the DIY upsurge of water transfer printing technology.

People not only throw hard objects such as car hubs, helmets, and guitars into the water but also dip their gloves, shoes, and other cloth products in beautiful colors. What's more, directly try water transfer technology to "tattoo" not only painless but also can create patterns as you like.
However, this kind of film that has not been treated with high temperature does not seem to be any different from the tattoo stickers that we played with when we were young, and it fell off with a light rub.

You need to choose the suitable based paint for different materials, and water temperature needs to keep range at 28 degrees - 35 degrees.

Observing the items after water transfer, it is not difficult to find a problem. The patterns on their surface are easily deformed. Therefore, this technology is mostly used for low-precision painting tasks, such as wood grain, camouflage, marble, carbon fiber, and other textures.

If you ask for high-precision dipping, you need to ask for the professional hydro dipping factory, they have a full of hydro dipping machine, and will make the special model for your items. Anyway, they will try their best to do the good dipped product and make the design in the right position.