How To Apply Vinyl Wrap To Car

How To Apply Vinyl Wrap To Car

 Car wrapping is a difficult technical job, and the process of filming will affect the final effect of the car wrap. If you don't have enough patients, it is best to leave this work to an experienced master to complete. However, if you are one who likes DIY, with strong ability and complete tools, you can also try out how to apply the vinyl wrap to the car.

Now, I will show you the details of wrapping a car with images:

1. Ensure a clean working environment:

Before sticking the vinyl film, you need to ensure the working environment whether dry and less dust,  which will affect the effect of vinyl when you are wrapping.

2. Washing your car

You need to make your car clean, especially for the dust and sand, and wipe dry.

3. Disassemble the auto parts 

Disassemble the auto parts and find a professional master for construction to ensure that the car body will not be damaged.

4. Cut the car wrap as sheets

You need to cut the car vinyl film as sheets according to the car part which you are sticking. For example, you are sticking the car hood, you can put the vinyl wrap on the car hood, and cut a vinyl sheet bigger than the car hood,  then begin to stick this sheet on the car hood.

5. Heat the color-changing film by baking gun

Use a baking gun to heat the color-changing film, soften the color-changing film, and use a scraper to organize it to better fit the car body.

6. Cut off the extra color-changing film with an art knife

Use a utility knife to finely trim and correct special parts.

7. Repeat the above steps to every car parts

8. Done