What is Foil Finish?

Finish foil is a kind of surface decorative paper for the wood-like panels, wood-like surfaces, which are used to make different furniture for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and the inner wall. Finish foil is always applied in the production of wood like panels, MDF, HPL, plywood, plastic board, such furniture panel which is used for furniture installation. According to the different furniture, also required different weight-based paper and hardener in the PU oil.

Finish foil decorative paper covers thousands of designs and divide into the types of wood grain finish foil, matte finish foil, solid color finish foil, texture embossed / 3D furniture paper, and synchronized paper. Wood grain finish foil is similar to the real wood grain, with many designs for selection, texture embossed is vivid and clear, and the synchronized paper has a good tough feeling following with the design.

Surface treatment meets the standard of Europe and America; environmentally friendly, durable, better than melamine paper, ornate paper, with PU coating on the surface, no need painting again. If matt finish foil paper, you can supply some glossy painting to increase the brightness.

What does finish foil mean in furniture? 

Finish foil is a surface decoration and protection of furniture, with many resistance features, which can enhance the service life of the furniture. Finish foil is waterproof, scratch resistance, dirty resistance, stickiness resistance. Thus, the finish foil is a high quality layter for MDF, and plywood, widely used for bedroom furniture, and office furniture.