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How to Hydro Dipping Speedshape At Home?

 How to Hydro Dipping Speedshape At Home? Hydro dipping speed shape for showcase in your shop that is an important and basic thing for your hydro dipping business beginning. Therefore, how to hydro dipping speed shapes successfully is a necessary skill for you. I will show you how to hydro dip speed shapes at home in the following. First Step: prepare basic hydro dip kit  You need to prepare hydrographic sheets, speedshape, activator B and spray gun or thick spray bottle.  Speed shapes You need to choose the various shape of speed shapes according to your display plate and ABS price.  Of course, the material of speedshape needs to be ABS plastic, which is the only material that can be applied by hydrographic film directly no need to apply based painting. Hydrographic film sheet You can choose some typical hydrographic film sheets to dip, such as camo dipping film, military camouflage water transfer printing film sheet, popular skull dipping film sheet, classic wood grain transfer film,

How To Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl ?

 How To Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl? Heat transfer vinyl is also called vinyl HTV is a kind of iron-on vinyl, can be pressed on the garment by heat transfer technology. And this heat transfer vinyl also can be applied to DIY T-shirts. On the market, the reflective heat transfer vinyl on the t-shirt is very popular, with advantages of eye-catching and personal safety.  Following I will show you how to apply common heat transfer vinyl and reflective heat transfer vinyl.  Process of applying heat transfer vinyl on the T-shirt: 1. Choose An Image From A Computer. 2. Print the Design By Printer. 3. Put the T-shirt On The Heat Transfer Printing Machine. 4. Adjust The Parameter And Press Image On The T-shirt. 5. Done. How To Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl? Reflective vinyl can be used for plotter cutting in different designs, and then applied on the t-shirt by a heat pressing machine to print this design on the cloth. You can apply the reflective heat transfer vinyl on the cloth by your iron or he

How to Expand Your Hydro Dipping Business Step By Step?

How to Expand Your Hydro Dipping Business Step By Step?  From my past article, we know the "hydro dipping is a good business", no need for more budget. Actually, except for the hydro dip products, you can also make money by teaching other people how to hydro dip - hydro dipping training, hydro dipping has many business opportunities. When you are doing hydro dipping business for a long time, you can try to expand your business from its side product. The development of expanding your hydro dipping business is about following these steps. 1.CUSTOM HYDRO DIPPING PRODUCT For the beginning, you can provide customized hydro dipping products to your customers, and hydro dipping some daily items to sell or display on the showcase, short a video or pic to your social media to increase your fans. Facebook, website, youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram..., you can do a lot of things to promote your business and your products on a small budget. 2. HYDRO DIPPING FILM SELLING Hydro dip

How to Start Your Hydro Dipping Business In Small Budget?

 How to Start Your Hydro Dipping Business In Small Budget? Due to the Covid-19, many people don't work for a company, and lost the economy incoming. Or stay at home for a long time, want to do business to make more money, but no good idea and no enough money to start a business. How to make money is a tricky question.  Here I will introduce you "hydro dipping business". It is a business no need more budget and even can be done at home or space place, suitable for someone who wants to do business but only small budget and no good skill.  Following is the steps to start your hydro dipping business in a small budget: Step 1: Order hydro dipping sheets and ABS speed shape from an online shop or your local shop Before you purchase the all hydro dipping kit, I suggest you ask for some samples from the supplier or investigate whether has a hydro dipping film at your local place, you can order a small sheet from your local place and a little activator B. It is cost-effective when

Why Hydro Dipping Gone Wrong?

  Why Hydro Dipping Gone Wrong? I think many people who want to work in hydro dipping experienced dipping failure problems. Seems like hydro dipping is not easy as the video, just put the items into the water through the film, then hydro dipping is finished. Now I will show you why your hydro dipping goes wrong. 1. why hydro dipping video shows easy hydro dipping In the video, We always see these steps as below, simple hydro dipping kits, spray activator, dipped speed shape, and then the design is attached on the surface of speed shape. Why looks so easy but actually do not. Because the speed shape is ABS material, and this ABS plastic is the ideal material for hydro dipping, can save the painting, drying such steps, so such a simple hydro dipping process is only for ABS material. ABS plastic is also the best material for hydro dipping video making, which can attract more and more people who want to do a good business. In fact, the real hydro dipping process for other material has more

"Orange" Angel-Sanitation Worker Wearing Reflective Vest

Maybe you have never noticed someone bends over to pick up the confetti you accidentally throw away, maybe you have never noticed someone quietly extinguishing your cigarette butts flying on the ground, maybe you have never noticed the neat sidewalks and roads.  They have been busy with brooms. They are on the street where car exhaust is constantly permeating, facing the scorching sun, facing the wind and snow, and insisting on the hard work of cleaning that we can't imagine every day for the cleanliness of the city. They are wearing reflective vests. Sanitation workers. Sanitation workers shuttle on the road every day, which is quite dangerous.  Newspapers and TV have also reported the news of sanitation workers' car accidents. The public asked Sister Liu if she was afraid of seeing such news?  She said she would be scared, but now the government has sent sweepers and minesweeping vehicles. The workload can be reduced a lot and it is safer. She also gave us these work clothes