How to clean reflective material?

 How to clean reflective material?

Actually, I don't suggest you wash the reflective material frequently, it will make some miro glass beads fall off during the washing process, then weak the reflective effect of the material, thus you need to reduce the washing times for your reflective product. If your reflective material is dirty, please don't wash the reflective material by water directly, I will teach you how to clean the reflective material in the following. 

PS: If only a little dirty on the reflective material, just wipe it with a soft cloth.
When it really needs to be cleaned, you can follow the next way to clean the reflective material.

Preparations: A neutral detergent and cold water (temperature is lower than 30 degrees), soft cloth.

Steps to clean the reflective material:

1. Put the neutral detergent into the cold water
2. Touch the mixed water with a soft cloth
3. Wipe the reflective material
4. After the reflective material is cleaned, it can be dried in the shade.

The points need to pay attention to when you are cleaning the retro-reflective clothing.

1. Can't rub and wring out vigorously during the cleaning process.
2. Do not place reflective materials in the washing machine for machine washing.
3. Do not expose reflective clothing to the sun.

The above behaviors will reduce the service life of reflective clothing, and influence the reflective effect.