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Fire Safety - Tips for Fire prevention and suppression

Fire Safety - Tips for Fire prevention and suppression The necessary conditions for combustion and fire are oxidizer, combustibles, and an ignition source. Without any of these three elements, combustion cannot occur and maintain. Therefore, if you can block one element of them, the fire can be extinguished. Here I will show you tips for fire prevention and suppression as below: Tips for fire prevention Oxidizer The oxidizer is easy to get in the air (oxygen), therefore, this condition is easy to meet for fire. To extinguish the fire, you need to isolate the oxygen with combustibles Combustibles Any substance that can react with oxygen or other oxidants in the air is called combustible. Most organic matter and a small part of inorganic matter are combustibles. Ignition source Ignition source refers to the energy source that can cause combustibles and combustion-supporting materials to undergo a combustion reaction. This energy can be thermal energy, light energy, electrical energy, che

How to Avoid Traffic Risks?

How to Avoid Traffic Risks? Whether you are old or young, whether you are driving or taking a car, whether you are riding or walking, we must understand the safety risks in different travel models, and then know how to avoid risks and protect ourselves! Where does the risk on the road come from? 1. Children a.Weakness protective awareness of children The kids don't have self-protection skills and awareness, and there is less traffic knowledge' education aim at children. If the parents are not adequately supervised, the kids will become a vulnerable group of traffic injuries. b. Can't be seen because of short height  Elementary school students and preschool children are relatively short in stature, their vision cannot go over cars, benches, or bushes, and they are more difficult to be observed by drivers. Children's safety awareness of riding bicycles is weak, and their response-ability is poor. In addition, children's response-ability is not enough. When encounterin