How to Avoid Traffic Risks?

How to Avoid Traffic Risks?

Whether you are old or young, whether you are driving or taking a car, whether you are riding or walking, we must understand the safety risks in different travel models, and then know how to avoid risks and protect ourselves!

Where does the risk on the road come from?

1. Children

a.Weakness protective awareness of children

The kids don't have self-protection skills and awareness, and there is less traffic knowledge' education aim at children. If the parents are not adequately supervised, the kids will become a vulnerable group of traffic injuries.

b. Can't be seen because of short height 

Elementary school students and preschool children are relatively short in stature, their vision cannot go over cars, benches, or bushes, and they are more difficult to be observed by drivers.

Children's safety awareness of riding bicycles is weak, and their response-ability is poor. In addition, children's response-ability is not enough. When encountering emergency situations, they often cannot handle them correctly, which can easily lead to traffic accidents. Especially in recent years, electric bicycles have grown rapidly, and accidents of children riding electric bicycles have also shown an upward trend.


(1) Enhance the self-protection awareness of kids, to increase the public traffic road safety knowledge and traffic rules. 

(2) To wear a bright color hat, reflective garment clothing, or retro reflective fabric wearing to enhance the visibility of kids, etc. which can make them eye-catching when meeting the car.

2. The elderly

Regarding the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents involving the elderly, we believe that this is mainly related to road factors, own factors, natural factors, consciousness factors, and social factors.

Road factors: There are more and more cars, and the roads are getting wider and wider, which increases the time for the elderly to cross the road.

Own factor: It is an important factor in the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents among the elderly. 

The stride length and speed of the elderly are significantly reduced, and they are slower when crossing roads than young people.

The decline of body organ function, especially the decline of vision, makes them inaccurate in judging the distance between vehicles, and hearing loss, slow response, and other physiological conditions Factors, after hearing the sound of the horn, they tend to be distraught, confused and have poor self-protection ability.

Natural factors: It can be seen from the time period when accidents occur frequently that traffic accidents involving the elderly basically occur at night and early in the morning, which is related to the living habits of the elderly.

During this period of time, the vision is not good, and the elderly often like to wear dark clothes, which makes it difficult for the driver to find out, which leads to accidents.

Consciousness factor: Some elderly people have poor traffic safety awareness and lack traffic safety knowledge. 

Illegal behaviors such as crossing roads at will, walking in motor vehicle lanes, running red lights, etc. often occur. Especially the elderly who ride tricycles, electric vehicles, and scooters from the old age in counties and towns, often drive in motorized lanes, which greatly increases traffic hazards.

Social factors: The phenomenon of aging is becoming more and more prominent. There are more and more old people left behind in rural areas. 

It is more dangerous to walk on roads with heavy traffic when they go out to work and socialize without family members.


(1) Go out with the elderly as soon as possible.

(2) Looking for a public elderly activity center, create a safe place for their entertainment. No traffic, no bike, such as a park.

(3) Wear bright color clothing to enhance the elderly's visibility, so that the drivers can find out them easily.

3. Drivers

Traffic hazards caused by drivers usually include the following points:

Weak Awareness of Llaw-abiding

A small number of "private car" drivers have a weak awareness of law-abiding, and often knowingly commit some serious traffic violations. 

For example, over speeding, changing lanes at will, parking at will, drunk driving, fatigue driving, etc. 

While driving, some distracting the driver's attention by making phone calls, smoking, talking and laughing with people in the car, etc., these violations are extremely easy to cause a traffic accident.

Poor Driving Skill

There are many driving beginners who drive their car on the road every day, which increases the difficulty of traffic safety.

Some drivers don't have drive training before going on the road, poor driving skill is an important factor to cause accidents.

No maintain the car on time

Besides poor driving skills, less maintenance of vehicles also increases the traffic risks. 

You need to maintain the tire, brakes, and carry out the braking, steering, and lighting system maintenance of the vehicle from time to time.

Bad habits of passengers

Do not wear seat belts, sit crookedly, lie horizontally, sleep in the vehicle.

Some parts of the body are stretched out of the window.

Chat with the driver.

Smoking in the compartment, Walking around, playing around at will, etc.


a. Follow traffic rules.

b. Keep maintenance of vehicles on time.

c. Keep safe compartment.