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How to restore reflective fabric ?

 How to restore reflective fabric? Reflective fabric is made of micro glass beads and based cloth material, its reflective intensity depends on the micro glass beads, since if you want to keep the reflective intensity, you need to reduce the falling down of miro glass beads.  If your reflective effect is fading, how to restore reflective fabric always annoys you, here I will show you tips to restore reflective fabric as below. Distinguish the situation of poor reflective function Dirt to affect the reflective function Reflective fabric is mainly applied on wearing products or manufactured as reflective clothing directly.  If your reflective fabric loses its reflective function or its reflective performance gets weak, maybe it is stained. Hence, you need to clean the reflective fabric to restore the reflective part. How to clean the reflective fabric? Reflective fabric washing is not the same as normal garment cleaning, you need to clean it carefully so that you can ensure fewer damages