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Why LED Reflective Safety Vest?

Why LED Reflective Safety Vest? We all know that pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, etc. need to drive under lights at night, but according to the actual conditions of some domestic roads.  But it is not possible to achieve complete street lights, and sometimes no street light on the road, or the road with street lights cannot work due to road construction or other factors. However, the traffic police and other personnel will not be able to check vehicles at night without high warning clothing such as reflective clothing.  Applied in Traffic Road Actually, the LED reflective safety vest is necessary for front-line law enforcement officers to be on duty on the road, especially at night.  The visual conditions at night are relatively poor, and due to factors such as people's lack of concentration, it is very dangerous for the traffic police if it cannot play a good warning role.  Features Of Reflective Vest With LED Light The LED reflective vest ha

What Is LED Reflective Safety Vest?

What Is LED Reflective Safety Vest? As the name as you see, the LED reflective safety vest is a reflective safety vest with LED light. The purpose is to make sure the reflective safety vest can illuminate a poor light environment without a light source. Why LED Reflective Safety Vest? Reflective Safety Vest As we all know, reflective vests with lights can expose workers more than general reflective clothing when working at night or in dark places. But the reflective vest can't illuminate by itself, it reflects the light from the light source, if no light source, the safety vest can't make your visibility a poor light situation.  Enhance, if you want the reflective vest to keep your visibility as you want, the LED lights inner the reflective safety vest can achieve your idea. LED Reflective Safety Vest There are 16 small LED lights between the reflective strips on the chest of the vest, and there is a master switch in the vest, which can control the lights to flash quickly, slow

How to remove the reflective tape from the vehicle?

 How to remove the reflective tape from the vehicle? In order to ensure road safety, many countries require reflective conspicuity tape on all semi-trucks and big rigs. Truck reflective tape can reflect the light back to the headlight, enhance the visibility of the trailer, remind drivers to keep away from the truck. Some car owners also make use of this reflective tape on the frame side of their car, to achieve the safety purpose. But the retro-reflective tape will lose its strong reflection under the weather corrosion for long time. Hence, the truck drivers need to remove the old reflective tape to replace a new one.  Here I will introduce you to how to remove reflective from vehicles. The best way is high temperature. Higher temperatures can melt the adhesive and lose its stickiness, so it can be easily removed: Thus, before removing the car reflective stickers, we need to prepare a high-power hair dryer and a power inverter, so that those reflective tape and left adhesive can be ea